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We are Metaverse Boosters a futuristic technology company that can personally bespoke build your new ideas and turn them into a reality from start to finish while also partnering with the Worlds leading technology companies to bring our customers the most advanced tech on the World market.

We Focus On – Robotics –
Sci Fi Interiors – Ai – Metaverse Designs – Encrypted Devices & Communications + Any New Tech Ideas You Want to be Built.


Our World leading developers and Robotics partner companies who lead on the World market for having the best usable robots to help our daily life at home and work, that are already being used by the Worlds leading companies Worldwide.



What is Ai, Artificial intelligence is an automatic simulation of human intelligence that has been pre-programmed into a special machine learning database and it will automatically produce a search or design a unique design on what you have selected, this is correctly being used to make Autonomous driving, language translations, documentation, music, and art plus much more.

Our World leading developers can build your bespoke Ai project from start to finish, depending on the complexity as some are more complicated than others, but we will work hard to get your bespoke project finished if it is possible.

Futuristic Interior Design Room

Sci Fi rooms are the new rage for Sci-Fi lovers and modern design enthusiasts to start early to be living in the future. Some of our set-building teams have worked on many Hollywood film sets like Star Wars, Pacific Rim plus many others. As we started to get more and more requests to make Sci-Fi styled offices, living rooms, bedrooms, games rooms, and bespoke luxury furniture. We recently had to upscale our team Worldwide to build more futuristic luxury property interiors to keep up with the demand. So please get in touch with us today and tell us your idea, no matter how unusual it may seem.

You can even have World leading service Robots in your home or work to have the full total futuristic package. Once you want to start your project we will start designing with you to get your own bespoke look and choose what types of materials you want to be incorporated, then we will assemble the team for your project and will travel to your property’s destination to create your one of one futuristic luxury interior build.

Sci Fi Interiors

Bespoke Sci Fi Beds & Tables

World Lead Encrypted Devices & Encrypted Communications

Wellcome to Anonymous Primed Encrypted Devices & Communications, the best all-in-one phone and encrypted Tor databases Worldwide.

AP phones was first developed for elite security contractors working in hostile countries, that if the phone was ever captured it would remain impenetrable from remote and forced attacks and with upgrades to permanently wipe the whole phone’s information. Now these phones and communications are available to elite businessmen and women Worldwide who need elite hacking prevention.

AP Phone Features

Running a new 2023 Ai Security system combined with a bespoke 1024 Bit rotating encryption system that changes security keys every hour to prevent remote hacking that also can work with an Encrypted SIM card ( upgrade )

Screen size from 5.6 Inch To 6.5-inch FHD touch screen.

De – Googled IMEI.

Deactivated Location Tracking.

Deactivated Navigation.

Encrypted Camera.

Deep Web Search Engine.

Unlocked to all Networks.

8 Wrong password wipe.

Encrypted charging port.

AP Have A Bespoke Encrypted App Platform – That Is Totally De – Goggled With The Best Pre-Loaded Private Apps With

Tor – What’s App – Wickr – Signal – PGP Mail – Tellygram – Silent Phone – Silent Circle – Molly – Threema – Onion Messenger – Dust – Exel – Skred – Exodus – VPNs – Wire – Briar – Proton Mail – Encrypted Notebook – Parallel App – XE + More.

With more advanced super private communications app upgrades available.

For totally private app communications, we suggest using our encrypted data SIM cards.

Upgrade options to be able to wipe the phone from anywhere in the World.

Upgrade options for ESIM card.

Upgrade option to make the phone wipe itself if the phone is ever plugged into a computer.

Working in all countries around the world.

The AP phone works with an always-on VPN security key which renews every 6 months to upgrade its security keys and apps, so a new payment will need to be taken for this upgrade.

We also have Encrypted Military grade Laptops & WiFi routers.
Get in touch with us today to see how we can secure all your communications to prevent all hackers.


Ap Text here


Project Schedule

Step 1, Discuss the project and features required and land size wanted.

Step 2, Send building contract requirements with features of the project with the quotation.

Step 3, Make a 75% payment for the build to start straight away.

Step 4, We start designing your Metaverse or Metaverse property and test the code for touring and features required and will send you updates as the project moves a long.

Step 5, View your finished project for touring in, any extra features that you may require after will be chargeable depending on the complexity of the work needed.

Step 6, exchange files for the project in Opensea to mint to your account, with the remaining 25% payment for works agreed.


We take payment with Wise gateway Bitcoin and Cash App Business


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