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We bespoke design and build your Apartments, Shopping Malls, Arenas, Luxury Yacht or any properties you have in your dreams, in the Metaverse any building design is possible with us, we can even build a building from only your company logo or mascot. We offer this in a full package depending on the land size and complexities of features you may require for your project like having it working for 3D veritual Reality Headware or creating your own Metaverse from a application that can us 3D headsets or purchase NFTs.

Project Schedule

Step 1, Discuss the project and features required and land size wanted.

Step 2, Send building contract requirements with features of the project with the quotation.

Step 3, Make a 75% payment for the build to start straight away.

Step 4, We start designing your Metaverse or Metaverse property and test the code for touring and features required and will send you updates as the project moves a long.

Step 5, View your finished project for touring in, any extra features that you may require after will be chargeable depending on the complexity of the work needed.

Step 6, exchange files for the project in Opensea to mint to your account, with the remaining 25% payment for works agreed.

Arenas – Cinemas – Gallery’s

We can design and build your areans cinemas gallerys to be able to view art – NFT art and purchasing – video watching and Live concert streaming to your customers VR ware headsets and options for NFT Token enrty for VIP members.

Metaverse Sports Stadiums Packages

We offer revolutionary Metaverse sports stadium packages to design build extiror interior coding and walk arounds,that can be upgraded to show your teams sporting showreals or buy team NFT collectables and wearables from favourite players and can also offer NFT Ticket entry in to games as minting NFT tickets can’t be forged like standard tickets can be and can be viewable on demarmed on any smartphone. We can also apply game videos and next level Live streaming that fans can manually change camera views in game on demard to give them that VIP feel.

Office Space & Sports Stadium Tours

We offer revolutionary Metaverse sports stadium packages to design build extiror interior coding and walk arounds,that can be upgraded to show your teams sporting showreals or buy team NFT coWe have created many luxury Virtual Reality office spaces and property tours from large apartments all the way to giant Football Stadiums to give our clients that realistic approach and perspectives of the area and atmosphere without being there in real life.

Our Stadium VIP tour packages engage our clients fans to see more of the behind the scenes of their fans stadium,to give an exact copy of the real working parts of the team which they have never seen before and with the cherry on top being able to walk around and see it in giant 3D VR World is the altimute VIP gift you can give to your teams fans, we can even make each of your teams fans VIP NFT tokens that can be used for secure blockchain entry to the Metaverse Stadium or they can buy team wareable clothing for the Metaverse or we can even make the NFT token in to a real secure NFT ticket that can be scannable and used in the real Stadiums for perks or discounts from having this special VIP NFT to engage with your fans on a new higher level together in real life and in the Metavers World,which can also be made in to a application that provides the most secure blockchain security more than standard tickets which only exist in NFT technology as they can’t be forged with data be visible for checking.

Metaverse Games

We can build your own Metaverse games from football to basketball baseball tennis car games skiing or what ever you want,we can build it, we can build it as a stand alone or build it in to your Metaverse building and customers can just walk in to your game or with only NFT token entry for members.

We Can Build Your Own Metaverse

We Can Build Your Own Metaverse just like Sandbox Decentraland Supper World or others,to start your own Metaverse land craze that can offer something different to stand out from the rest,this will include minting the land for NFT land sales as a complete package. For any of our services please get in touch so we can talk you over your project and get to work as soon as your ready.


We design and create your design or logo for your customers or fans for 10,000 + to give them exclusive deals from food to clothing or VIP memberships that are secured on the blockchain to give the highest security on any ticket, that can be used on any phone for verification at any time. 

Please get in touch with us directly on the What’s App icon, just send a message and we will be happy to get you started on your Metaverse journey

MetaBoost White Label NFT App Verification For Tickets & Rewards

We have created a white label NFT application that works in the Metaverse for VIP entry in to buildings for purchasing rewards for VIP’s, that also works in real life stores with its applications for secure blockchain verifications that can’t be forged, its the new next generational way to verify tickets,scanning for concerts and sporting events or a reward system for brands with stores to scan the phones NFT and builds up customer engagement with discounts for regular users.

Building Billboards Advertising

We will bespoke build your Metaverse building to your requirements to have a New York styled billboard on it,
that you can display your own brand or advertising or you can even rent it out and receive founds every month,if your building is in a popular area you can make between $400 – $1000 + a month for the right brand.

Metaverse Yachts

We specialise in creating luxury Metaverse Yachts for elite individuals or luxury brand to show to their clients or friends the most luxurious property types in the main Metaverses.Just recently a Mega Yacht sold for a record breaking $750,000 USD, we estimate that they spent a total from $130,000 to $180,000 so investing in a luxury Yacht is a very highly profitable investment and we have the strategies and skills to gain this for you.


We take payment with Wise gateway Bitcoin and Cash App Business


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